Welcome and thank you for visiting our store!

Thistle & Bee is a beautiful family owned store located on the amazing limestone coast of South Australia.  You may have heard of the big lobster in Kingston SE? Well that's where we are. 

I started this little shop as an online business but as we grew and we moved towns, I saw a need for a shop like ours in the region so we decided to open a bricks and mortar store. 

A little while later an opportunity presented itself to expand our shop and diversify so with that being said we thought why not open an lolly shop as well..... toys and lollies go together right????

So The Candy Store Cafe was born (make sure you check us out on facebook)

Thistle & Bee and The Candy Store Cafe all operate out of the one space and it is amazing.  A unique experience and there truly is something for everyone when you come in store.

Thistle and Bee's heart and soul is about offering beautiful products that are unique, that may not be found in the 'big' stores and helping people. 

We are registered as an NDIS provider which enables us to help individuals that have funding. We have lived experience with the NDIS so understand the complexities that people face.

Our goal is to assist our customers by provide honest advice on products in an environment that everyone is welcomed and encouraged, and that all products and resources are totally accessible to all.  We would like to provide all children with the opportunity to learn, grow and be successful at home, school and within the community.

For more information please contact Lisa on 0428 372 819 or via email thistleandbee@outlook.com