Boat In a Bottle

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Boat In a Bottle
Boat In a Bottle

Some of the best kept secrets in the world include: What are the little holes in Bic pens for? Do ducks' quacks echo? How do they fit those model ships into the bottles?
Well, I'm not sure about the first two (and no one will lend us a duck to test the theory) but now you can finally become privy to one of the biggest craft secrets out there! Build your own model ship and the instructions with help guide you through the secret process of erecting it inside the glass bottle. The completed bottled boat will add a touch of salty sea style fit for any first mates room.


  • Follow the secret instructions to make your own boat in a bottle
  • A craft kit all young land lubbers will love
  • Seaworthy style fit for any room


  • A crafty project perfect for children aged 9 and up
  • The bottle containing the boat measures 11.5cm long

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