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The Casio fx-82Au 2nd Edition calculator is ideal for those at school that need to complete scientific equations. It has a large, 16 digit display so that you can solve complex problems, with dual lines for algebraic formulas. It has a drop-resistant body for durability.
  • The Casio fx-82AU is a scientific calculator, perfect for school use.
  • It has a large, dual line 16-digit display which is easy to read and allows you to view the calculation and answer at the same time, as well as perform algebraic functions.
  • This calculator is battery operated and uses AAA batteries.
  • It has a drop-resistant body for durability.
  • It has highly-visible, easy-to-read number and cursor keys.
  • It can be used for normal distribution calculations as well as calculating quartiles and medians.
  • A 5 year warranty is included.
  • It comes in a black design.