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Crazy Aarons - Thinking Putty 2" Tin

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Crazy Aarons - Thinking Putty 2" Tin
Crazy Aarons - Thinking Putty 2" Tin
Crazy Aarons - Thinking Putty 2" Tin

Thinking Putty -2 Inch

This take anywhere putty will keep your little one thinking!

It’s called Thinking Putty because while you do whatever you want with it, your brain relaxes and opens up to all kinds of creative thinking. You can knead it, bounce it, bend it, tear it, stretch it, snap it, pop it.. and it never dries out!

Perfect for play and therapy, the pocket-sized tin of putty is a useful sensory and fidget tool ideal for keeping in your calm down box at home and in the car, for use at school and out and about.

Available in many different colour changing, heat sensitive options:

The Illusions Range displays shifting colors that move and change with light. You will see the same effect in the illusions —an extremely popular Thinking Putty color that is downright mesmerizing.

Hypercolour / Heat sensitive Range – This groovy putty changes color with just the heat of your hands. The awesome effect makes it perfect for twists, duo-toned sculptures, 5-minute breaks, and other timeouts. Put it in the fridge then against a warm coffee mug to experience an even more intense color change.

Glow in the Dark Range – Plain white in daylight, these putties come alive with hypnotic colors that magically appear in the dark. Expose them to light (the brighter the better) and they will glow for hours.

Electric Range – shimmery to soothe the senses.

Primary Range – boost imagination and focus.

Pocket-sized 5cm tin – 13g of mesmerising putty

Sold as a Single – Chosen at random

Recommended for Ages 3 years +


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