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Fun Factory - Nesting Dolls

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These OWL WOODEN NESTING DOLLS make the perfect gift!

Open the Blue Owl Nesting Doll to reveal the Green one. Can you see that he is winking at you? Open the Green one and find a Pink One. Is it going to be Yellow or Purple next? Oh look the smallest one is sleeping!

Line them all up and display them from biggest to smallest. Change them around from smallest to biggest! Nest them inside one another and get them out again. This is a great activity for children to understands size and proportion.

The OWL WOODEN NESTING DOLLS have been decorated in child friendly non toxic paint and made from managed plantation timber. They adhere to Australian Toy Standards.

The OWL NESTING DOLLS come in a decorated presentation box with see through cover. 

AGE: 3 Years+

SIZE: Largest doll is 14cm and Smallest is 4cm