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Glass Deco - Princess Kit

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Glass Deco - Princess Kit
Glass Deco - Princess Kit
Glass Deco - Princess Kit

AMOS Sun Deco Kit - Princess

- 10 Glass Deco Paints 10.5ml each
- Easiest way to create colourful Suncatchers
- You can use Suncatcher as key chain, mobile Christmas free decorates, accessories, etc
- No patterns needed, just colour Suncatchers
- Use your imagination to create unique colour mixing on Suncatchers

How to Make
1. Fill colours with Glass Deco in various shapes of Suncatchers
2. Place the coloured Sunchatchers on even surface and let the dry (approx. 8hrs)
3. Link the Suncatchers with a fishline or a chain and use them for your purpose and fun

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