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Goki - Memo Game Sounds

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GOKI – Memo Game Sounds, your children find through testing two pieces that have an identical sound.

This early childhood educational game of memory matching has been given an interesting twist from the standard matching of pictures to be able to match sounds in this GOKI – Memo Game Sounds.

Find out how good your children’s auditary sensory perception is by having them find the pair of blocks that sound the same. To play this puzzle game, place the 12 blocks face down on the table, choose one and give it a shake to hear the type of rattle it makes. Now try to find it’s matching pair with its identical sound.

All wooden puzzle piece pairs are colour coded so once you have made your selection you can check to see if you are right, providing instant feedback. The GOKI – Memo Game Sounds is a great educational tool for early childhood education, as well as for special needs children such as those with autism. This puzzle will encourage children’s listening, concentration and memory skills.

Measurement: 6.7 x 6.7 x 5.8cm
Number of pieces: 12
Age Range: 3+ years old

GOKI wooden toy products are designed in Germany and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.