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Horrible Science - Savage Storms

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Horrible Science - Savage Storms
Horrible Science - Savage Storms

Horrible Science Savage Storms Kit let's kids create their own storms

Master the art of making your own weather by following the instructions in this super fun kit. Kids will be able to hold a tornado in their hand, create their own snow and make thunder claps amongst more fun storm related phenomenon.

Features :

  • The Horrible Science Lab Notebook will lead your child through some awesome stormy experiments with the help of the kit and some basic household supplies.
  • Most kids love to  experiment with the weird and wonderful, this kit has some safety features which mean they won't get blown away by their homemade tornado but will enjoy a fun learning experience.
  • The Horrible Science Savage Storms Kit includes  
    • Thunder tube cap and spring
    • glue
    • sticker sheet
    • tornado jar with lid
    • glitter
    • clear sticker scene
    • icicle cards
    • icicle solution
    • petri dish
    • snow powder
    • measuring scoop
    • 2 plastic trays
    • 20-page Lab Notebook 

The Horrible Science Savage Storms Kit is simply awesome fun, it will get your child thinking about science whilst having a stormy time. Please note we recommend that children under the age of 8 years do not use this kit unsupervised, some parental supervision is required for children older than 8 years old.

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