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Industrial Fidgets (Various Designs)

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This is a range of strong, durable, handmade fidget toys for children and adults alike.

They are made from recycled and new products (often a combination of both) so each piece is unique and may have some signs of being a recycled product such as chips in the paint or some scuff marks in the metal surface. None of this will affect the use of the product, but rather give your fidget a bit of character.

Beethoven 1st is a fidget that can take a bit more thinking than some of the others, it's more a two handed fidget to keep both hands occupied. The idea is to feed the chain through the loop from one side to the other. Beethoven's 1st is a smaller version, and slightly easier to use than the 2nd.

Beethoven's 2nd has a slightly larger chain and ring than Beethoven's 1st.

Ebony is a super fun fidget that can be used in a variety of ways! The steel ball in the centre moves freely within the chain outer so it can be rolled between in your fingers. The outer chain can be spun whilst you hold the steel ball. he fidget can be placed between the palm of your hands and rolled whilst rubbing your hands together. This is a weighty fidget that will suit all age groups!

Edison is a loop of smooth action chain that can be used in a variety of ways, looped over the fingers and spun around with the thumb being a favourite.

Einstein is a smooth flowing length of chain that can be fiddled with and manipulated into shapes. Perfect for attaching to a key ring due to its slimline size and shape so you have a fidget whenever you need one for the kiddies or yourself!

Grandin is a similar style fidget to the extremely popular Michelangelo. The angular nature of the moving parts give a very different sensation than the smooth free flowing Michelangelo, it is also heavier for those that like a bit of weight in their fidget toys.

Hannah is very similar to Satoshi but has beautifully smooth solid stainless steel beads the guide beautifully through your fingers.
It comes in two different sizes to suit all fidgeters and teams perfectly with the fidget keeper necklace!

Hitchcock is a single version of the popular Newton fidget.
The photographed version has 3 loose plates either side of the link that give a wonderful smooth action when you are using it. A rubber "belt" can be added to hold the lose links in place and give added sensory input.

**Beware that the loose plates can move around the loops during use, and can be a little tricky to pop back into place when you try to do it but seem (as if by magic!) go back during normal use of its own accord. This MAY upset those kiddies that like things to be "just so".

Michelangelo is an extremely tactile fidget with 40-50 individual rings that make it move easily and effortlessly in your hand. Also big enough to slide on your finger and spin it around.

Newton is a super fun fidget that will keep you and the kids entertained for hours with it's smooth movement and cool infinite looping action.

Satoshi is a versatile fidget that has several ways to use it.
The nuts will move when manipulated between your fingers, the length can be moved and wrapped around fingers or made into shapes (the large lends itself perfectly to be shaped into a snail ;) ), the cord used is silky so feel great for those needing some tactile stimulation, and due to the metal nuts it feels quite weighty in your hand.

Warhol bring some colour to the range! It is a light weight fidget toy which is perfect for those that are easily fatigued.