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Monkey & Chops - Chore Chart

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Monkey & Chops - Chore Chart
Monkey & Chops - Chore Chart
This Monkey and Chops Chore Chart is perfect for keeping track of household chores and jobs to help teach little family members household responsibility. It comes pre-printed with the days of the week and 72 chore magnets plus blanks so you can add the appropriate chores to each day.
  • The Chore Chart is perfect for keeping on the fridge or another magnetic surface.
  • It is perfect for teaching little family members as young as 3, household responsibility.
  • The surface is also magnetic and comes with magnetic photo frames so you can put a picture of the family member expected to complete the chore.
  • There are 72 chore magnets included with common household jobs such as taking the bins out, washing the dishes, walking the dog and more.
  • The chart has a fun and colourful design to make it more appealing.
  • It has each of the days of the week pre-printed on the surface so you can assign jobs to specific days or keep them in the 'all week' column.

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