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One Touch Easy Touch Automatic Push Home Kitchen Jar/Glass Bottle Lid Opener

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One Touch Automatic Jar Opener
Product Description: Opens stubborn jars at the touch of a button. The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener easily opens even the most stubborn jars, including new factory-sealed jars that often require extra force. Works on virtually any jar with a lid diameter between 30mm and 88mm . One set of gripping jaws firmly holds the bottle and the other holds the lid, allowing the One Touch to twist to open the jar. Never jams. Great for any kitchen, but a particularly valuable aid for independent living for the arthritic and those with limited finger, hand or arm strength. ;

Suitability: 30mm and 88mm lids

Effortless, one touch action
No twisting, no pulling, no pain
Powerful enough for new, factory sealed jars
Small enough for your kitchen drawer
No bottle or jar too small

Dimensions Approx.
18 x 5 x 8 cm

Includes ;
1 ;x ; One Touch Automatic Jar Opener (2 AA Batteries - not included.)