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Orchard Toys - Dirty Dino

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Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos Game is a fun counting game for kids

Orchard Toys Games have been entertaining and engaging children in learning games for generations. The Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos Game is a new addition to the Orchard Toys stable of counting games.

Kids use the spinner in this fun game to race to find the dirty dinosaurs that match the colour and type on the spinner. They pop them into the bath and count the soap bubbles, whoever has the most is the winner.

Teacher approved and super popular for children from the age of 3 to 6 years old.


  • This awesome game challenges children to find dirty dinos that match the spinner and pop them in the bath as quickly as possible.
  • Learning benefits include improving counting and number skills as well as observational and matching skills.
  • The Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos Game includes :
    • 4 bath playing boards
    • 1 double spinner
    • 1 25 dinosaur cards
    • 1 instruction leaflet

    A great fun game, easily played by the whole family that has a strong educational concept at its base the Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos Game is designed for children from 3 years old.