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Orchard Toys - Mammoth Math

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Introduce your child to learning, prehistoric style, with this Mammoth Maths set from Orchard Games!

Combine a world of learning and numeracy skills with an interactive game of prehistoric proportions. Perfect for any child that enjoys combining playtime with their own innate curiosity and love for learning, this Mammoth Maths set will be sure to stretch their math skills as well as entertain them for hours on end!

Orchard toys is a producer of iconic educational toys for all ages and skill levels. With products ranging from Mathematical mammoths and Llamas that teach your child patterns, Orchard combines whimsical and interactive games and activities with fundamental educational lessons along with a wide range of subjects and skills. 


  • Practise basic addition and subtraction as well as number lines to win the game
  • Two levels of difficulty so the game progresses with your child's skills
  • Box doubles as a compact storage unit
  • Suitable for ages 5-8 and 2-4 players 

Set your child on the path of a lifelong passion for learning with this Mammoth Maths set from Orchard games, and watch their minds grow and prosper