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Pattern & Shapes (93pcs)

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Pattern & Shapes (93pcs)

Explore patterns and shapes with the Pattern Play Set. Contains over 90 colourful shapes with 6 large, double-sided pattern cards to fit under the frame. Supplied with a storage case. Ages 3+ years.

This is a great resource for children to explore their early maths skills- colour recognition and naming, shape recognition and naming, making patterns and sequences, problem solving, comparing & sorting and classification (grouping objects according to their kind). There’s 6 large double sided cards to prompt children to use the colourful shapes to build pictures- that’s 12 different scenes to create! 90 coloured pattern block pieces ensures there’s plenty to go around. This set comes supplied in a storage case for children to easily pack away after use- and also ensures that all the pieces in this set stay together ready for the next use.

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