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Stickle Bricks - Build it Big

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Stickle Bricks make the perfect first construction toy for toddlers. Children can stick, stack and construct with easy to assemble pieces that lock together any way they like.

There’s no telling where new ideas can lead, dreaming up bigger and better creations to put together, take down and start over. The Stickle Bricks Big Ideas set comes with bricks in lots of different colours and shapes for construction fun.

Sensory Play
Stickle Bricks feature bright colours and fun textures for sensory play. Exploring how the bricks stick and stack can help promote fine motor skills and imaginative play.

  • Contents: Stickle Bricks Big Ideas Set, 125 pieces
  • Little ones can stick, stack and construct
  • Explore lots of shapes and colours
  • Easy to assemble bricks