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Think Fun - Hoppers

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Think Fun Hoppers Game is Winner of multiiple awards including the Parents Choice Gold Award. 
This ThinkFun Hoppers Game updated edition contains 40 brand new challenges.  In this easy to grasp game set up frogs according to your challenge card then leap one frog over another, removing frogs until only the red frog remains. This peg solitaire jumping game is loads of fun for kids – set the frogs on the pond, then jump frogs until only one is left standing. Forty challenge cards range from easy to super hard. Start simple and grow your skills with each level. In no time at all, you’ll be the smartest frog in the pond! Use your critical thinking skills to find the right sequence to remove all the frogs except the red one.
With its colourful and fun design and easy storage, Hoppers will keep everyone endlessly entertained on road trips or rainy days. Encourages logical thinking and problem solving skills.
Features: 4 levels of play, Beginner to Expert, 40 Challenge Cards with Solutions, 1 Red Frog, 11 Green Frogs 
Single Player.
Suitable from 5 yrs+
The team at ThinkFun aim to create the best games to challenge the mind and develop creative thinking skills. At ThinkFun they are passionate about making learning fun, it is the driving force behind everything they do. It’s the underlying philosophy behind every game, brainteaser and puzzle they create. Each game and puzzle is thoughtfully designed to be the spark that ignites young minds and gives children an early learning advantage. ThinkFun’s addictively fun, educational learning games are helping to ignite 21st century thinking skills in children around the world.