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Think Fun - Potato Pirates

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Get into a hilariously fun game with ThinkFun Potato Pirates 

This ThinkFun Potato Pirates Game is a fun strategic tabletop card game that combines potatoes, programming, and piracy. It's a great alternative when you want kids to get their hands off the computer or any mobile games. Perfect for classrooms and family bonding time or a night out with friends. 

Kids can learn to use programming concepts such as functions, loops, and conditionals to fortify their attacks or loot and hijack their way to victory by saving Potato King from the deadlock of doom. Best of all, they will sharpen their critical skills by mastering the art of potato war.


  • 24 Control Cards
  • 22 Surprise Cards
  • 7 Potato King Cards
  • 84 Potato Crew with Storage Bag (14 Big Puff Balls & 70 Small Puff Balls)
  • 16 Ship Cards
  • 32 Action Cards
  • Comes with an instruction booklet 
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • Recommended for kids age 7 years and above

Bring on the fun with this epic ThinkFun Potato Pirates card game.