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Think Fun - Roller Coaster Challenge

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ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge Game let's kids build their own roller coasters

This award-winning game challenges kids from 6 years old to build their very own roller coasters. Kids choose a challenge card, set up the pieces defined by the card then the challenge is to finish off the roller coaster so it works with the coaster car included.

This ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge Game is a perfect logic game with the added fun of having a working roller coaster at the end of the game.

Challenge your kids to a game that will improve their logical and sequential reasoning skills all while having hours of fun gameplay with this roller coaster building game.

Features :

  • This game feels a little bit like building your own amusement park with the cards starting kids off on a logical design challenge.
  • Children will need to flex some logical thinking muscles to get the roller coaster car to travel all the way from top to bottom, perfect for building STEM principles whilst they have fun.
  • The game includes: 
  • 39 Track Pieces
  • 36 Post Pieces
  • 2 Tunnels
  • 40 Challenges with Solutions
  • Instructions
  • Roller Coaster Car

The ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge Game is designed for kids from 6 years old and is a single-player game, or you can take turns and challenge other players to build a roller coaster faster.