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Traffic Ligh Fans

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Traffic Ligh Fans
As children get older they are often reluctant to speak up in class and say that they don’t understand. Instead they will often use avoidance strategies or will sit quietly hoping not to be noticed. Often, they fail to complete work and hence fall behind.

This set of Traffic Light Fans enables children to communicate their level of understanding directly and confidentially to the teacher, i.e. all children start with the green fan showing and they keep it like this at their table/desk to communicate to the teacher that they fully understand (GREEN). As soon as they find that their only partly understand they change the fan to YELLOW. If they do not understand they change the fan to RED. In this way a teacher can instantly and clearly see when a child requires additional support or input and the child feels more confident as they can communicate their level of understanding and receive help quickly, quietly and unobtrusively.

Traffic Light Fans can be used with individuals for small groups or as whole class sets.

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